Your allies in game development, it’s the Game Asset Studio!

The Game Asset Studio team has been formed to support those with a passion for game development.

Releasing games across the globe is now possible…

With the advent of Unity3D, game creation tools have been enhanced at each level. As a result, 3D game production, once limited to larger companies, is now in reach.
In addition, with the AppStore, Google Play, etc. it’s now possible to deliver games you make to people all over the globe.


Release your creativeness and make the game that is in your mind!

There’s a wide range of tasks involved in game production.
If attempting it alone, the game you want to make might never get finished.
We think everyone making games should be able to focus on what they want to concentrate on doing. For now, we can only help a little, but step by step we are building a strong support system for the future.

At the moment, several 3D assets are available.
However, this isn’t all that we’re doing.

We’re listening to everyone’s voice.
We hope the base of game development will grow.

We believe in the power of games.
Therefore, we hope for games to continue to spread.

The Game Asset Studio Team