Soccer Players & Uniforms Extension Pack

Game Asset Studio’s Soccer Players & Stadiums Pack now has an extension pack that includes additional players and uniforms! Soccer Players & Uniforms Extension Pack comes with 320 models (20 players x 8 team x 2 uniforms) for sample players so you can arrange the combinations of those parts as you like. You have 10 types of faces x 5 skin colors x 3 types of beards x 11 different tatoos x 152 hairstyles for soccer players, which means, more than 250K combinations are available to you. Uniforms come with 430 different shirts x 159 shorts x 195 socks x 32 soccer shoes. In addition, 30 different goalkeeper’s gloves and 144 team emblems are packed. Also, jersey numbers (0-9) are available in 6 different fonts so you will find almost limitless possible combinations.