Bounce Combine

“Bounce Combine” refers to a calculation method of reflection coefficient (magnitude of reflection/ rebound). When two objects come into contact, the magnitude of rebound will be calculated in the following four ways:
1) Average: Take the average
2) Minimum: Take the smallest of the two values
3) Maximum: Take the largest of the two values
4) Multiply: Take the multiplied value


“Bounciness” is a term that means “reflection coefficient” and it has reflective properties. In Unity, Bounciness represents the extent.
Enter a value between 0 and 100.
If the value is set to 0: No rebound. It will not bouce.
If the value is set to 100: It will rebound 100% and bounce back to the point where the fall has started.


“Build” refers to an operation converting programs and settings to executable formats.
In Unity, you can convert your work to an executable format on a different platform (PC, smartphone, game console, web etc).