“Particle” in game refers to explosions, flames, smoke and so on that are represented by the aggregation of particles.

Perspective View

“Perspective View” refers to a method used to make things close to the camera appear larger on the screen, and to make things farther away appear smaller.
There is also a method called ”Isometric view” in which every object is displayed at the same proportions regardless of the distance.
* See item of “Isometric View”


“Physics” refer to a mechanism for giving physical behavior to objects. It mainly reproduces the physical behavior of a rigid body.


“Prefab” refers to a concept which is the basis of an entity called an Instance. By defining Prefabs, it is possible to change the behavior of multiple Instances collectively to proceed with production more efficiently. Therefore, it is one onf the most important concept in Unity.
* See the item of “Instance”.


“Primitive” refers to an object’s basic shape.
In Unity, there are the following object shapes:
1) Sphere
2) Cube
3) Cupsule
4) Cylinder
5) Plane