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雅 -Miyabi- 『 Japanese Temple in Four Seasons Set 』

Game Asset Studio now introduces Japanese temples that come with high quality, realistic 3D models & snow covered models! Not to mention the main components of a Japanese temple, such as the main hall (hondo) and Buddhist temple bell (bonsho), this asset pack includes a wide variety of tombs models that can be used for many scenes other than temples. In addition, each model is stored in a prefab and the main models come with snow-covered versions. With these assets, it will be easy for you to express winter that is an integral charm of four seasons in Japan.
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Dark Fantasy Dragons & Titans

Here come nine types of dark fantasy monsters such as dragons and Titans! If you are looking for boss characters for dark fantasies, this is it! It comes with 9 models, 21 animations and effects. The attack animations include unique effects for each giant beasts.
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Succubus Twins Character Pack

Game Asset Studio and Apricot Heart's character asset collaboration! The first Anime & Fantasy Character Asset Series, Arum and Asphodel have arrived. Two succubi with dangerous beauty and bewitching charm.
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